Monday, April 29, 2013

Somebody stop me... hold me back...

I am not sure if you should stop me from exploding or from feeling guilty or from giving in. 
Last week Friday Gulliver and I had it out-for the second time in 2 days. I told him I was flat out done. That's another story entirely. I even told him I wasn't helping him get to and from work to get on his feet-something I had promised to do and feel bad about but, I'll get over it. He had borrowed my SUV to go get his paycheck and run some errands at 11:30 in the morning. At 2:00 I missed an appointment for the foster becuse he wasn't back yet. He works 11 miles from my house. I have no idea how that took 2 1/2 hours. I WAS TICKED. I'd told him that I had to have the truck back by 1:15 to pick Foster up from school for appt. OR he could pick him up and be here by about 1:40 for me to make the appt. Yeah. Didn't happen.
SO... Today:
Wait... not today... some MORE back story: Gulliver moved out of the trailer with the other trolls he was living with a few weeks ago. We let him use our SUV to get his shit out one day a week or so ago. I know he had made another trip before and my daughter made a couple of trips with him. When I got the SUV back it stunk so bad like cat pee that I literally had to ride with the windows open to the store to get some fabreeze. It was the worst smell and all of his crap was GONE. Not a thing left. Just from being in there my truck stunk like the crazy cat lady's house. Whatever... I sprayed. It's all better.
NOW on to today:
About 15 minutes ago Gulliver calls and tells me that the troll trailer dwellers have called him to tell him that if he didn't get the rest of the shit out of the trailer today they were disposing of it.
Thought process in my head: Um... you moved out weeks ago and you don't own shit so...? WHY didn't you get this stuff (supposedly belonging to her kids) in one of the several trips you made to get the rest of the crap? They don't own enough to fill my SUV up one time anymore from doing this same thing before. AND... how nice of you to play the kid card.
What I actually said: Sorry, I missed appointments on Friday because of you and I have to take care of that stuff today. I have no idea what to tell you. His reply was "i knew you wouldn't help but, I had to try. It's the kids stuff."
So, here I sit feeling crappy about it and arguing with myself. I know mySELF is right and I can't give in and SELF gets mad at my mom side that says I have to go get the kids stuff. Those poor kids have nothing left at their mom's house because of those two idiots. Where SELF then get's ticked at MOM.
MOM is now under restraints and has had her phone taken away. Sometimes I really need to have an exorcist come in and get rid of her. She really makes tough love harder than hell.
Maybe I'll just go shopping. Spending some $ I really shouldn't spend will fix everything, right? I mean then the truck won't be just doing nothing and I'll get a little retail therapy out of it. Hell, even if I BUY nothing it has to be better than this crap! 

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