Thursday, April 25, 2013

REALLY? I am not sure who to shoot first here!

I am not even sure that I can spin some humor into this one. It's actually been about 3 weeks since this happened and I am STILL fuming mad. 
I am may really smack my very best friend in her stupid blonde head. I am so angry with her at this point that I could spit nails. Thankfully, I have not allowed myself to call and tell her this because I can't get past the incredibly angry part to rational. I am still at stark raving lunatic mad. Hair sticking out in clumps and smoke rolling out of my ears. 
Let me tell you about my BFF first. She's lived a fun life... big smile miniI love her but, she's been there done that when she was younger. A lot of it. She's paying the price now. She's a wonderful person and mom and all those years of doing all that has taught her some incredibly hard lessons. She has rhumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and at 41 it's done some real damage to her-not to mention the other ravages hard living can have on a body.
She works about 30 hours a week and has 2 daughters. The oldest is 16 and a handful. The youngest is 6. They have a LARGE home that she has semi-inherited from her mother to care for. Her s/o is a road construction worker so he is gone much of the time working. Depending where he works he could be in a hotel all week and only home on the weekends. He was also raised in a household where the women are helpless and that whole barefoot and pregnant thing is the norm so, he'd prefer that she be a stay at home mom. She was not raised helpless-very opposite however, with her disabilities she's had to slow down a bit and has become more at home than ever in life in the past 5 to 7 years. 
For years he's mentioned getting a dog and she's been set against it because of the amount of time, care and work that goes into a pet. She's no fool!  SO, back in December he goes and gets a dog for their 6 year old. Not just a DOG but a PUPPY with all of the training needs a puppy has. Then he sets it loose in this 6 bedroom, bohemoth of a house and expects her to care for it. Then takes off for work. BFF has told him this is too much for her to handle with her work and the kids and the house alone. She doesn't have the energy or the patience to care for a dog. She's made that clear for YEARS now.
He did it anyway. 
Fast forward to April and guess what? She can't manage to care for a puppy and he FINALLY gets it! 
This is where the mad enough to spit nails part comes in...
Guess what she does???
SHE GAVE THE F'ING DOG TO GULLIVER. The child that she KNOWS can't afford to wipe his own butt. She gives him a puppy in need of all it's shots and training. Knowing full well that he is essentially HOMELESS and already has one dog that he can't feed. It's a Jack for God's sake! Put the damn thing on craigslist for $100 and it'd be gone to a good home in about 15 minutes flat. NO! Instead of insuring that the dog has a good home she gives it to the homeless kid who she full well knows can't afford to feed it.
He's living off the 'kindness' of friends right now but, he has to find a place to rent of his own. HOW THE HELL IS HE GOING TO FIND A PLACE TO RENT WITH 2 DOGS? And not adult dogs who have been trained for years. No. A puppy who still pees, poops and chews. I didn't even mention anything about the friends having to now deal with this puppy in THEIR home.
Now if we were just casual friends and she didn't know the whole Gulliver story? I'd be less mad. No, wait... I'm not mad. I am downright P'd off. I did mention stark raving lunatic mad. ANYWAY... it's not like she can even say she THOUGHT something else-she can't. There are so many issues at play here if I had to try to SPEAK them to you I'd be stuttering and you'd be worried about my head exploding from the astronomical blood pressure that is quite obviously showing through the veins popping out in the side of my head. I would consider this so irresponsible on  her part as to call it abuse of that poor dog.
I can't even take the dog in because it's an un-clipped male. My male wouldn't stand it.  Not to mention that mine is nearly deaf and mostly blind. A puppy would put him over the top. Otherwise I'd have taken the dog to begin with. BUT! I am feeding it-and the other dog of Gulliver and Bertha's because they can't afford dog food this week.
Let's not put all the blame on BFF either. Gulliver and Bertha are most definitely not at fault here. WHY would you take in another dog when you don't know where YOU are going to live? OR HOW you are going to live??? Gulliver claims to be ticked that Bertha did this. Do I look like I fell off the turnip truck yesterday? Because I know full well that Gulliver had a hand in taking that dog in. He LOVES animals-probably more than Bertha does.
Dear Gulliver,
I've been your  mom for 21+ years. I'm on to you after that much time.  For the love of Pete give up the line of BS you are feeding me.
I also know how Gulliver was raised. I've done a few stupid human tricks in my life in which my husband said "ABSOLUTELY NOT. UN DO IT." Gulliver knows how to say NO to her. And he does once in a great while. Usually over getting any ambition to be or do something. 
The Gulliver and Bertha part of this is a whole 'nother story for another post-I just don't want you to think that I find them free of blame in this. I do however, hold my BFF more to blame than those two young and dumb kids. She knows that Gulliver is irresponsible and a whole lot more than everyone here knows about his irrisponsibility as well as what he is and isn't capable of. SHE KNEW and she gave him the dog anyway.
I have got to get to at least rational. I've been able to avoid coffee and seeing much of her for a couple of weeks because of the pick up of wrestling tournaments again but, that only goes so far.
I am seriously considering anti-depressnats. Not because I am depressed but, to keep me from throttling Gulliver or my BFF. 
Advice? Well, I don't think there is any help for me here. Maybe having a few glasses of wine before I go for morning coffee with her? EVERYTHING is good after a bottle of wine. 

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