Friday, April 5, 2013

No wonder everyone says women drivers are dangerous

This was a post on a mom forum I am in last night. I am sputtering because I STILL can't comprehend what special kind of stupid this is.

So on wednesday morning i took my 5 year old son to school and was fine.
Picking him up at 11am( thats when his pre k gets done) is a whole story. I got him belted, and backed up ( going 5 or 10miles an hr) when i didnt realize a suv( a mother of my sons friends car) was exactly where i was backing up and this car was not there as i walked in.(his school has some construction so u have to back straight out if in front of the parking lot, which is where i parked) so i back up figuring no car behind my huge van when all of a sudden i heard bang and looked in my rear view mirror and saw her suv wiggle and thats when i realized i backed into her suv. I looked and no damage to her car, and a witness saw me back into it and asked if i damaged her car. I said no as i didn't see anything with the sun shining on it so i left the parking home and looked at the ass end of my van and there was no scratch or any dents on mine so i know i didn't damage her car. And if i did damage it but didn't see anything i would think she would of called me or followed me( but she didn't see me back into it but others did and they could of told her and she could of called if i did damage.
And if i did damage wouldn't my van have any damage from backing into hers, not just hers.
So now i am terrified to take my son to and from school thinking she would yell at me for backing into her car.
I have backed into other peoples cars going the same speed in smaller parking lots and never did damage to mine or theres. And hers didn't look at all damaged.

Do you see the problems I see there? Now, we all know I can't keep my mouth shut, so I say something to the effect of
There are some serious issues there! "this car was not there as I walked in... so I back up figuring no car  behind my huge van..." 
"I have backed into other peoples cars going the same in smaller parking lots and never did damage to mine or theres."You are dangerous. You need to not be driving. Especially with a child in the car. 

At which point she proceeded to argue with the entire forum about how she wasn't dangerous and it really wasn't a big deal that she left the scene of an accident or that she didn't bother to look when she backed up! SHE ADMITTED SHE NEVER BOTHERED TO LOOK BEHIND HER!

I was dumbfounded. Round eyed SHOCK. This is an elementary school at dismissal time for pre-k when kids are coming out. PRE-K KIDS! Of course, I ask her
"You were at a SCHOOL at dismissal time. Do you realize how fast a kid can dart away from mom???"
Obviously at this point I am thinking she's stupid too because she HAS a pre-k kid. I'd think she knows that. This is where she says she knows that, but really it wasn't a big deal because she is usually the first one there and the first one out the door, so there wouldn't be a child behind her.

You would THINK that in a school zone people would be doubly cautious. That's the reason for the uber slow speed zone and crossing guards and... She thinks it's fine because USUALLY she's the first one out. Well, what if you weren't the first one out the door????
This post went on an on with this ditz arguing about how she was just fine a driver and she only hit ONE other car and a post when she was learning to drive. Someone pointed out to her that she had said multiple cars in multiple parking lots, but she never did bother to refute that.
DitzMom also didn't take lightly to it when mentioned that at "5 or 10 miles per hour" that would crush a child and I can't imagine how she would feel if she'd actually pinned a kid between the cars.
To which she proceeds to tell me she knows just how dangerous this is because (get this!!!) she's had to literally throw her child out of the way of a lady backing up who almost hit him! And it wasn't even in a school zone, it was in a store so... I just said "you need to just quit typing. You are NOT making yourself look any better here." Another mom kindly said she needed to quit typing AND driving.

I am dumbfounded. Totally stupefied. THIS is why women drives get a bad rep. Honestly? If I knew where she was from I'd have made sure that the school AND the other mom knew what this ding-bat had done.  I might even consider flattening all 4 of her tires just to keep her off the road. I really believe this is as bad as driving drunk. Totally irresponsible, dangerous and stupid. Hell, at least drunks TRY to pretend they know how to drive. DitzMom didn't even bother with that much!

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